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The Magic Night


You know those moments when you are fully engaged in an experience and you do your best to absorb everything that is happening? Those moments when you think, “this is special”, and you don’t want to forget it? I recently had one of those moments. In fact it was a series of moments that lasted the whole night. Along with a group of journalist friends from the Spanish club of the International Ski Club of Journalists (SCIJ), we celebrated a night-to-remember in the cozy ski resort of the French Pyrenees, Les Angles. Just across the border from Spain lies this fantastic resort. We had a great weekend of skiing, socializing and dining, but that’s not what this article is about. What I am here to share with you is the about the magic night. At 19.15 sharp we meet with the fantastically friendly director of tourism of Les Angles, Antonio Martín, and boarded the resort’s gondola, Les Pèlerins. Yes, at night. Pitch black. No lit runs to observe. Just me and the gang going up the mountain. There was a bit of moonlight so we could make out t

he shadows of the trees and slopes below. This was a first for me and quite a cool experience. Once we arrived to the top, we found ourselves about 50 meters from an enchanting lodge at the top of the mountain. The air was brisk and you could feel the excitement for what lie ahead.

To our surprise we soon found ourselves inside a very modern and super hip, high mountain restaurant, “Le Chalet”. You could feel that this was the place for the cool people, for us! As we were escorted to the top floor we passed by some chuleton steaks, which were surely positioned there on purpose, that made our jaws drop. I’m talking big and juicy. On the upper floor we were greeted by the director of the resort, Jérôme Meunier and a succulent, seemingly endless, series of designer bite sized portions of tasty morsels which we enjoyed. Moreover, there was a flowing river of fine red wine. We were given a presentation of the history of the resort by both directors which then followed with a special SCIJ ceremony where we “bequeathed” both Antonio and Jérôme as honorary members of o

ur Club. After 4 plus hours of eating, drinking and socializing we had to say thank you and good bye as it was time for the midnight Ride. A midnight ride from the top of the resort to the its base on top of a snow groomer! It was so cool. They have rigged a glass walled, open aired, rectangular box about 2 meters wide and 4 meters long which is fixed on to the top of a groomer. All 30 of us climbed aboard and started our downhill run, but this time not on skis. The lights of the machine shone on the piste. This along with a light snowfall made the experience even more magical. But the night was still young as this was not just your normal Les Angles weekend, but rather the weekend of the famed Techno music festival known as Garosnow, and we were hungry for some dancing. We headed to the local gymnasium and to my surprise found ourselves in a techno fest worth writing home about. Maybe there were 700 people in there rocking to the beat and laser light show of some

serious techno creators. See my video below for a sampler.

Before the night got out of hand we decided to head back to our hotel and call it a night. What a night, indeed. It was one of those nights where you have to stop, step back and breathe it all in and that is just what I did. From the night time gondola ride, to the chic lodge and dinner, to the open air groomer ride and then the techno fest, I have a hard time remembering a night as magical as this one.

Thank you Les Angles, au revoir!


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